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Thu, Jun 23, 2016
Brad Smith

The cafe racer culture is driven by never-ending customisation.

The braaap ST250 and is the most popular cafe racer in the country. A blank canvas for both novice and professional bike builders.

The braaap ST250 and ST450 range is delivered from us as a manufacturer in a number of themes; for 2016 the Cadet, Shadow, Atlas and in 2015 the Mercury. Our themed production bikes are designed to look personalised/custom from the showroom floor, that being said the cafe racer culture drives innovation in design and we are proud of what our customers have done to make their braaap unique.

This Blog will showcase some of our favourite custom braaap ST250 and ST450 cafe racers from customers around the country.

We built it, Make it your own.

braaap cafe racer mad mercury

The "Mad Mercury" built by Tasmanian motorcycle enthusiast Mall Innes.

 Whether it be a set of mirrors, a new light, different handlebars or a new tread pattern customising your Café is what makes it yours.

The braaap flagship stores and national dealer network are equipped and trained to guide you through the process of building your own personalised cafe racer. Whether it be a DIY or a full-service build. To book an appointment or quote fill out the form below:


 The Rebellion 450cc built by Jason from Gasoline.

One of the cafe racer scene's most popular subcategory is the "Tracker". A dirt-track style motorbike with components inspired from the racing era's gone.

Another popular subcategory to come out of the cafe racer scene is the "Scrambler" which is a motorcycle inspired by the early motocross and endurance bikes. 

 A standard braaap ST250 "SHADOW" fitted with dirt track tyres

Our dealers all offer braaap's customization program, This means the braaap you end up with is not just a braaap; it’s your braaap.

When you buy your braaap, it’s kind of like a work in progress: there will always be something that someone else has got which you want to create or copy, or you’ll have an idea for some paint that absolutely makes it yours. This is part of your connection to your bike, and you take it out and ride it with pride, displaying what you’ve got and the choices that you’ve made. Other people enjoy it and talk and get their own ideas, This custom culture is never ending, riding is only half the fun.

Here at braaap, we offer a wide range of aftermarket spares which make customising your new braaap ST 250cc and 450cc easy.
These range from lights, tyres, handlebars, mirrors, mufflers, rear shocks, tanks and more. You can find the braaap spare parts guide HERE.

braaap lifetime warrantyCheck out the braaap 250cc and 450cc cafe racer model range

Shadow | Cadet | Atlas

braaap cafe racer range

The braaap team will guide you through the process of either building your own cafe racer or design and quote the project for us to build it for you.

The braaap ST-250 is the perfect blank canvas for your custom cafe racer project. The braaap ST-250 is the most popular cafe racer in the country thanks to its price point, the Lifetime Warranty and everything else that comes with being a braaap owner.





As a niche manufacturer whenever we develop a new motorcycle we always start out by asking: "What can we do to add value to the rider we are building the motorcycle for?". We built the ST250 with a few main priorities:

1. It had to look on point with the "cafe racer" scene out of the box. We want people to be proud of their braaap.

2. It had to be absolutely reliable and built to a high enough quality that we can offer our braaap "Lifetime Warranty"

3. It had to be the perfect "blank canvas" for both professional bike builders and back yard DIY owners.

4. It had to be at a price point that made it a no-brainer to buy new rather than second hand.

5. It had to sound good!

6. We had to launch it with a huge range of aftermarket accessories so each one can become unique.

The braaap ST-250 "Shadow" in its original form starts at $4499. Click here 

The braaap ST250 "Atlas" in its original form starts at $4499. Click here

The braaap ST250 "Cadet" in its original form starts at $4499. Click here.

 The braaap sales team are based in our "Flagship" braaap dealerships. We have Flagship stores in Victoria and Tasmania, the rest of Australia is supported via our 40 strong dealer network. Enter your details in one of the forms on this page and our team will call to discuss the motorcycle, the finance options, lifetime warranty, and connect you with the local dealer in your area.



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