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Tue, Jul 05, 2016
Brad Smith

Small enough to care, Big enough to matter.

In an industry lead by heavyweight, giant corporations we are proud to be a high growth family business taking on the major manufactures and shaking up the status quo of the motorcycle market.

We are a Niche brand, gaining great attention and growing at a rapid rate thanks to people like you who are interested in what we do.

This Blog is designed to outline why we are the fastest growing Australian motorcycle company.

It is our mission to create products and experiences that make people feel alive.

The motorcycle is our masterpiece but it's the systems and strategies that we have developed which are driving our rapid growth.

Family business values 

We are a family based business, braaap started over 11 years ago from a backyard shed in Launceston, Tasmania. The brand started with a passion for motorcycle and a dream of creating a brand that made motorcycling more accessible, more affordable and more fun.

As a family business, you know that every motorcycle that leaves the production line matters to us, every braaap that rides by is our pride and our lively hood. Seeing a braaap motorcycle ride down the street or rip through the bush is everything we work for. It matters. This is not just a business to us, it is our passion, our family, and our lives work. It is everything.

You matter to us.


 We are real.

As a niche brand growing at a rapid rate we are well aware that one of the main points of difference we have is that our leadership team are close to the action, we are not a faceless corporation, we are a passionate group of people building a company and product we are proud to share with you.

Discipline of a Professionally Managed company

Yes, we are a family based business; We operate under the values of a family business however we engage the business practises and disciplines of a professionally managed company. We have shareholders, A formal Advisory board, and report in line with major corporations. Our company procedures are governed by the braaap Quality System Manuals which are developed in line with ISO9001 standards and as a leader of "niche motorcycle manufacturers" our systems have been audited and review by gov't administration.


World Champions


Backed by "Lifetime Warranty"



Most Awarded "Niche Motorcycle" Manufacture in Australia.

Live Local and Compete Global

We live locally in our hometown of Launceston, Tasmania but compete globally and have distribution partners in South America, Asia, North America, Europe etc.

 We only build motorcycles in categories of the motorcycle market that we are equipped to be a market leader.

For Example in 2015, we were the #1 sold cafe racer in the country.


The MX1 is our Superlite motorcycle, the category we won back to back championships at the Las Vegas word titles. 

Read out Custom Cafe Racer Blog here

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