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Wed, Nov 02, 2016
Nick Spohn

A point of pride for Raf at Mostyn Motorcycles is the specialty staff for specialty tasks. “Everybody says they’re the best or they’re the cheapest.” He says knowingly, “They all sound the same. What I say is that we have specialists. We have a full-time upholsterer, full-time metal fabricator a part time painter. We do as much as we can in-house, and we’re not just bolting stuff on to your bike. When your bike leaves it’ll be unique.”

Mostyn Customised 2015 braaap Cafe-Racers

Mostyn also boasts mechanical know-how, making sure that your bike not only looks the part but goes the best it can.

Mostyn has been in family hands since Raf’s Great Grandfather William “Mostyn” Tanner founded it in 1909 where he was a pioneer in spring-framed motorcycles believing that the future lay in the manufacture of such luxuries.

Mostyn Motorcycles are online at and also on facebook at MostynIndustries. braaap is proud to have Mostyn in their dealer network and look forward to working with them into the future.

You can contact the Mostyn crew by filling in the contact form here or calling +61 429 318 253.

braaap Motorcycles stocked by Mostyn


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