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braaap Pro Classic Bling 150cc

braaap Pro Classic Bling 150cc

The “BLING” of the Classic range, The Classic Bling is the blinged out version of the classic with anodised CNC’d parts! Trick looking Bling CNC Hubs and Triple clamps finish the Classic Bling off in style
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The “BLING” of the Classic range.

The Classic Bling is the blinged out version of the classic with anodised CNC’d parts! Trick looking Bling CNC Hubs and Triple clamps finish the Classic Bling off in style.
The classic Bling features a Canadian ELKA rear shock to help get the best out of your bike every weekend. Nothing has been unturned in the designing of the classic Bling with the thought of Superlite racing and fun weekends with your mates in mind.
Backed by our braaap Lifetime warranty you'll be braaaping it up with confidence.
braaap classic bling 150cc

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Designed in australia

Since 2005 braaap have been developing world class motorcycles in Australia. Every part goes through our Australian Quality Control which includes metal testing, stress testing, Heat testing, Tolerance checks and alignment checks before we give the "Lifetime Warranty" stamp of approval and send the bike to your local dealer for final assembly.
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Customise your bike
customise your bike
Make your braaap Stand out with tonne's of customisation options. Begin with the colour of your bike (Pink,Blue,Yellow,Black,White,Green,Red,Orange) and then add your favourite "graphics kit" from all the major motorcycle race teams. With after market anodised levers, engine dress ups, petrol caps, coloured grips, coloured tyres and many more options available your braaap will turn heads.
lifetime warranty

Thanks to the extra energy and effort that goes into the braaap manufacturing process we are the only dirtbike on the planet to offer lifetime warranty. Covering all parts, including moving parts so you can hit the track or trail with confidence. To find out more about our Lifetime Warranty go to the Lifetime Warranty tab above.
braaap Lifetime Warranty
braaap Spare Parts
braaap spare parts

"In by weekday out by weekend"

No one should miss a weekend riding cause they are waiting on parts from braaap.

braaap frame

Our famous centre flow air filter system which runs through the middle of the reinforced chromoly frame, keeps the air filter higher and dryer.
Its cradle engine mount and reinforced footpeg mounts offer more strength and give the rider confidence to go big.
braaap 125 frame
Pro 125cc Suspension
braaap 125 suspension

The braaap Classic Bling comes standard with fully adjustable suspension to suit your weight, height and riding ability.
The upside down telescopic front forks run compression and rebound adjustment for you to fine tune them to work in conjunction with your Canadian made adjustable ELKA rear shock for all conditions, on all terrain.
braaap components

The braaap Classic Bling 150cc is littered with top level componentry. Racing tyres, CNC triple clamps, CNC hubs and anodized rims make the bike look trick and its twin wall rim bands, heavy duty spokes, 15mm axles, CNC chain blocks and 3 rear wheel bearings make the wheels ready to race.
Adjustable triple clamps and handle bar position allow you to tailor the riding position to suit your style and height and European exhaust finish the classic off with a great note.
Classic bling Components
Pro Classic bling Engine
braaap 125 engine

This 150cc is equipped with a high revving, high output 4 stroke engine to get your heart pumping.
With a reinforced gearbox that offers smooth shifting and easy shift pattern, you'll be ready to hit the track or trail straight outta the box.
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The braaap Classic Bling is a Superlite bike with great features, it's the extra package version of the braaap Classic. Designed in Australia, backed by Lifetime Warranty the braaap Classic Bling 150cc has a power to weight ratio that excited the best, a smooth power curve to make it easy to ride a suspension package you fine tune to your weight and speed and of course all the other high end braaap components. With upgraded tyres, a Canadian made ELKA rear shock and a littering of CNC parts the BLING looks fast on and off the track. Test ride one today! >>> HERE

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