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braaap Pro 88cc - Adult Edition

braaap Pro 88cc - Adult Edition

The Ultimate FUN Bike with no clutch, but 4 gears, it’s easy to ride, strong enough and reinforced enough for adults to jump, race and ride on all kinds of tracks.
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Lifetime Warranty
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The Ultimate play bike

Its compact size makes it a stack of fun to throw around the track.
With no clutch, but 4 gears, it’s easy to ride. The Horizontal 4 stroke engine delivers Smooth Power with a wide rev range for all types of riding from learning to ride, to Freestyle, back yard braaaping and of course bar to bar Superlite racing.

Designed in Australia, Backed by Lifetime Warranty the braaap 88 is your ultimate play bike.
braaap pro 88cc

motorbike picture motorbike picture motorbike picture

Designed in australia

Since 2005 braaap have been developing world class motorcycles in Australia. Every part goes through our Australian Quality Control which includes metal testing, stress testing, Heat testing, Tolerance checks and alignment checks before we give the "Lifetime Warranty" stamp of approval and send the bike to your local dealer for final assembly.
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Customise your bike
Customise your bike
Make your braaap Stand out with tonne's of customisation options. Begin with the colour of your bike (Pink,Blue,Yellow,Black,White,Green,Red,Orange) and then add your favourite "graphics kit" from all the major motorcycle race teams. With after market anodised levers, engine dress ups, petrol caps, coloured grips, coloured tyres and many more options available your braaap will turn heads.
Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to the extra energy and effort that goes into the braaap manufacturing process we are the only dirtbike on the planet to offer lifetime warranty. Covering all parts, including moving parts so you can hit the track or trail with confidence. To find out more about our Lifetime Warranty go to the Lifetime Warranty tab above.
braaap Lifetime Warranty
braaap Spare Parts
braaap Spare Parts

"In by weekday out by weekend"
No one should miss a weekend riding cause they are waiting on parts from braaap.

braaap motorcycle frame

The braaap Pro 88cc runs a chromoly frame with reinforced neck and frame body, creating enough strength to hold up to the punishment you have planned for it. Designed with the footpegs mounted further back to create more space in the cockpit.
motorcycle engine
Pro 88cc Suspension
Pro 88cc Suspension

Rocking upside down telescopic front forks with heavy duty springs, plush fork oil and adjustable rear shock making the Pro 88cc a smooth ride no matter the conditions.
braaap Components

The braaap Pro 88cc stops fast with twin piston front brakes. Braided brake lines, 15mm oversized hubs, heavy duty wheel bearings, oversized spokes, heavy duty rim bands and racing exhaust with optional silencer make the Pro 88cc ready to rock right out of the box.
Pro 88cc Components
Pro 88cc Engine
Pro 88cc Engine

4 speed semi automatic 4 stroke engine. Its smooth shifting heavy-duty gearbox allows you to rip through its power curve and high rev range, making it the ultimate play bike.
braaap Testimonial
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It's our mission at braaap to help you create "weekends that count" by going riding with friends and family. Whether it be a weekend of banging bars on a race track, pumping through a trail, blasting the bush, jumping freestyle or teaching friends to ride for the first time. The braaap 88 is the ultimate FUN bike. The bike of many "First Rides" and owned as a "play bike" by some of the greatest motorcycles around there should be a braaap 88 in every shed. Come to one of our ride days and test the bike for yourself! Register HERE

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