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braaap began with the vision of making motorcycling more enjoyable and more accessible, enabling more people to experience what we love about motorcycling.
Our plan from the beginning was to build a World-Class Motorcycle that could compete with the custom built American race bikes, whilst still being affordable to the masses. With a dream of building a niche motorcycle brand, braaap founder Brad Smith set out to find manufacturing partners that could build the ultimate motorcycle with him. As an eighteen year old kid with nothing to offer but a vision, he and an interpreter visited over 50 motorcycle manufacturing plants; one by one getting laughed out of their offices. Finally he found manufacturing partners that believed in his vision, believed in the brand. We now have what we believe is the best motorcycle range of its type in the world. We are the only motorcycle brand on the planet with a lifetime warranty, and we are the only production bike to win back to back world championships for our genre of the sport.

In an over competitive industry dominated by just a few well-established and familiar brands it’s our job as an emerging brand to punch above our weight. We have to outdo our competitors in componentry, we have to outdo their warranty (braaap Lifetime Warranty), we have to offer more customization (choose any colour), we have to make it easier to purchase ($3 a day payment plans) we have to do more, be more.

The bike is our masterpiece, we are motorcyclists, but it’s the community we have created that sets us apart from the crowd. From our “Learn to Ride” program to our braaap race series, in-store ride nights, the braaap ride club and of course “Lifetime Coaching”
With a mission to provide people with a clean adrenalin rush through motorcycling, the braaap “Learn to Ride” program offers riding lessons to help new comers get involved in our sport. We believe everyone should be given an opportunity to ride a motorcycle, either on road or dirt.
braaap has grown into a motorcycle manufacturer fuelled by a passion for riding and our mission to get more people involved in our sport and to create new motorcyclists. Driven by its retail concept stores and dealership network the braaap brand is growing at a rapid pace across the world.

Beginning in the small Australian state of Tasmania, braaap is designed in house and manufactured in partnership with specialist manufacturing partners from all over the world, including Canadian suspension by ELKA, Japanese engines by DAYTONA, French frame, and European exhaust by CRD.
Everything goes through our Australian quality control and metal testing before it’s given the braaap Lifetime Warranty stamp of approval.
The motorcycle is our masterpiece but our world-class 21st century business systems are the reason we are four times Australian Retail Business of the Year.

From our customer interaction programs, which ensure the dealer and the customer build a long term relationship, to the cash flow positive guarantee we give our dealers, which ensures the braaap dealer has certainty, confidence and opportunity as a result of joining the braaap family.

It’s our mission to make the braaap brand world class in all aspects of business. braaap is an award winning business, 4x Australian specialised business of the year. Telstra social-responsibility award. Telstra business of the year.

At the end of the day we are a family business, with a staff of passionate young people who are hungry to make a difference, and who are motivated to create an experience through motorcycling that people remember. We look forward to seeing your braaap action shots. braaap it up.

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